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Did you know that Santa was born in Turkey?

Most people know that the legend of Santa Claus originates from Saint Nicholas, but it is a lesser known fact that Saint Nicholas himself was born, and lived in Turkey. In Turkish he is referred to as Noel Baba (Father Christmas). He was born to a Greek family in Patara, a former port town on the Mediterranean Coast of Turkey, and far from the North Pole.  Today, it is home to one of Turkey’s most…

Sultanahmet Mosque
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Ramadan in Turkey

So we are in the last week of Ramadan, or Ramazan, as it is known in Turkey and there is an air of excitement as people look forward to the holiday that follows it.. This year it started on 6 June, and it will finish on 4 July.  The date of Ramadan is around 11 days each year because it is based on the lunar calendar. After Ramadan there is a 3 day public holiday known as Şeker…