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5 Reasons to Visit Turkey for a Winter Break

So, November is here, and it’s the time of year when we start to look towards the end of the year.  For those of us in the northern hemisphere, the nights and early mornings are getting cooler, and we’ve started to pull out our winter clothes.  If you’re thinking of escaping somewhere for a winter break, here’s 5 good reasons to put Turkey on your list: We’ve got our very own winter wonderland in Cappadocia. …

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Ramadan 2017

Here in Turkey we are part-way through Ramadan, or Ramazan, as it is known in Turkish, and you can feel the excitement in the air as people start to think about the holiday that follows it. This year it started on the evening of 26 May, and it will finish the evening of 24 June.  The date of Ramadan is around 11 days earlier each year because it is based on the lunar calendar. After Ramadan there is a…

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It’s Tulip Time!

It’s April, and so that means it is officially Tulip Time! Every year in April, Istanbul puts on the International Tulip (Lale) Festival in honour of tulips and the start of Spring.  If you are lucky enough to visit Turkey in April, the moment you leave Ataturk airport you will see them – garden beds full of tulips, providing brilliant splashes of colour in the middle of roundabouts, by the side of motorways, in parks, and in the…

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People of Glorious – Meet Vanessa from our Brazil Office

Heading up the Glorious DMC team in Brazil, Vanessa has been with Glorious DMC Brazil since April 2016. Vanessa has a wealth of experience, having worked in in electronics and avionics and has put her Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering to good use working with Internet Companies, an airline and in management roles overseeing the systems of several banks in the finance industry. She is no stranger to tourism however, having opened and built…

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A trip to the hamam (Turkish Bath)

Top of the list of many visitors to Turkey is a trip to a hamam (Turkish bath), whilst to others it is a potentially terrifying experience. Turkish baths have long held a place in the history and culture of Turkey, and believe us when we say that no trip to Turkey is complete without a trip to a hamam. First things first – some history… Modern day Turkish baths are descendents of Roman and Byzantine…

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Did you know that Santa was born in Turkey?

Most people know that the legend of Santa Claus originates from Saint Nicholas, but it is a lesser known fact that Saint Nicholas himself was born, and lived in Turkey. In Turkish he is referred to as Noel Baba (Father Christmas). He was born to a Greek family in Patara, a former port town on the Mediterranean Coast of Turkey, and far from the North Pole.  Today, it is home to one of Turkey’s most…

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5 Reasons to Visit Turkey’s Black Sea Region

With scenery so amazing it looks like it belongs on a postcard, alpine lakes, craggy cliffs, waterfalls, charming fishing villages and friendly, welcoming locals, the Black Sea region is one of Turkey’s best kept secrets, yet it is fast becoming a destination of choice for repeat visitors to Turkey and those who want a holiday with a difference, and to get off the beaten track.  Here’s 5 things the Black Sea has to offer you: 1….

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People of Glorious – Meet Asli from Accounts

Running a successful tour requires hard work from a dedicated team.  While our tour guides and drivers are the face of our company, showing our guests all that Turkey has to offer, back in the office our hard working operations and accounts staff are providing the behind the scenes support to every tour. Meet Aslı Kabak from our Accounts Department: